Come Sail Away With the Crew of Troika II !

Chart your own course... Florida Keys / Bahamas


Is your budget cut?

Cruising kitty limited?

...Don't go adrift!

Set sail for our 40 % off regular rate offer.. .right now!

(Raid the couch cushions.)

If you are prepared to depart within four days from now and TROIKA II is available (sometimes due to last-minute cancellation) you qualify for our 'Budget Sailaway Offer" * Call us right now at(305) 772-4221 to inquire on availability. If our beautiful sailing vessel happens to be available when you call and you're prepared to set sail within four days, we both get what we want. You get to sail off into the sunset at turbo-bargain rates and we get to stay busy. It makes are not dreaming $mart $ailor. Add it up, call now and just start packing your sea bag.

Don't miss the boat!

offer Limited and subject to availability.You must be prepared to book immediately with a deposit of 5O% and depart within four days. Booking is not subject to cancellation prior to sailing. Some menu items may not be available. Limit one booking per year. Cruising grounds limited to Florida Keys and Bahamas. Offer may be blocked out during peak periods and holidays and can not be combined with Other discount offers. Day and 1/2 day charters are not included in this offer Sorry...No Brokers.

Key Benefits

  • Save Lots of Money !
  • Make that last minute vacation a reality!
  • Have 100% of the fun, for only 60% of the cost !!


Regular prices less 40%

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Contact Information

 Call or e-mail now for more information. Book early to ensure your charter boat will be available when you are. Call Now !

Telephone (305) 772-4221

Out of the USA Use the proper country code 011 (305) 772-4221

Postal address 2829 Bird Ave. PMB 216 Coconut Grove, Florida 33133

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